This Ramadhan has been so good to us. We’ve had blessings upon blessings with great collaborations and projects being spread out throughout the month. One of them being with our long-running partner in crime, ZALORA. A part of their #ZALORAYA 2018 campaign, they had also hosted a Buka Puasa dinner for their nearest and dearest. The event took place at Beta KL, a beautiful and mysterious fine dining restaurant located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. If you have never tried a deconstructed Karipap and would like to, Beta is the place to go to.

The restaurant reeks of cool. The entrance to the restaurant itself is hidden by a wall of faux green foliage. Consisting of three main areas, the event took place at one of the main dining areas that have been graced by a beautiful mural-covered wall. A tropical mural to perfectly couple the tropical theme of the night. With Malaysia being a country of the tropics itself, it was a synchronization made in heaven. To keep up with the running theme, it only made sense to play around with oodles and oodles of beautifully vibrant flowers. The restaurant might have been lighted dimly, but the colours of the event were anything but. With vivid hues of orange, yellow, and purple dancing around the centrepiece of each table, the table setting and floral decor was the talk of the night. Guests were elated to see their tables come to life with their surroundings being dressed in orchids, palm leaves, and other exotic flowers like the Birds of Paradise. Along with their party favours, some guests brought back bouquets as well.

Indeed, it was just like paradise — minus the mosquitoes and unwanted upper lip sweat. Instead, fine dining was served and beverages were kept chilled. Other than dressing the party, we were highly invested in designing the collaterals of the event. You’ve never seen a cuter menu than this one, surely. Our in-house designers know how to make everything pretty, even menus! One other collateral that we created to compliment the theme of Raya, was a custom-made Batu Seremban, a traditional game played back in the old days. It’s essentially small bags of beans, in the shape of a triangle. A set of Batu Seremban come in 5 little bags, and you play it by tossing one in the air, as you simultaneously try to collect all the others on the ground. The objective is to collect all 5 bags in one hand, without breaking your streak. If you manage to do that, you’re officially a winner.

But most importantly, the Batu Seremban was created to bring people together. Much like this season, it’s something to constantly remember and to celebrate during the holy month of Ramadhan and Eid: Togetherness.

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