Happy December, everyone! Gosh, where did the time go? We have less than a month left until we celebrate the closing of an old chapter, and the beginning of a new one. That being said, we at Tish hope you’ve had a productive and positive year, and that you’ve managed to check off almost everything on your resolutions list. If not, don’t worry! We’ve still got a little time left before the year ends to squeeze in a few more resolutions here and there. Remember, there’s always time to make a change!

Speaking of, are you ready for 2019? Have you gotten all your gear to conquer the new year? We at Tish are core believers of starting something a new leaf, afresh. You know what they say, “New year, new me”. And why not begin the new year with some much-needed essentials? Look no further, for we at Tish are more than excited to announce that we’ve been working on a long-awaited #TISH2019 Essentials kit!  A kit made to prepare you for anything that comes your way. 

With every item that we put out, a story is to be told. Everything in our essentials kit is inspired by the simple life lessons that have always been a part of our lives, growing up. They take up in the form of peribahasa and proverbs. Classic peribahasa like, “Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit” and ‘newer’ proverbs such as “Be not afraid of growing, be afraid of standing still”. In total, we have collected 12 inspiring phrases; 1 for every month for the year. All of which, have been translated into 12 sleek and modern designs. Designs that have been turned into postcards and enamel pins!

Our kit consists of a monthly planner, a standing calendar, an enamel pin, and a canvas bag to store all your goodies in. Aside from pencilling in important dates, creative ideas and the occasional doodle here and there, the planner also includes 12 of our designs that have been turned into tear-out postcards! Postcards to decorate your space with, to send love letters across the globe, or as a dose of daily wisdom for the future! Each postcard is decorated with a design, and the original phrase written at the back. Our calendar comes with a standee, made ready to stand pretty and tall on any desk you work on. Each month of the calendar is decorated with one of the 12 aforementioned designs.

Working on this kit truly was a gift. It has given us the great opportunity to collaborate with the creative souls at Pantun Pins. Fancy an enamel pin, anyone? We have two designs to choose from: Petak and Bulat. Petak is inspired by the Malay peribahasa, “Di mana bumi dipijak, Di situ langit dijunjung”. This one is made especially for all the wanderers out there. Here’s a pin to remind you that no matter where you go, no matter where you might be, home is where the heart is. Here’s a piece of home for you to carry no matter where you might be in the world. Bulat is inspired by the Malay peribahasa, “Dayung sudah di tangan, perahu sudah di air”. It was created to remind us that everything we ever need to succeed is already in us. All we need to do now is go out and get it! Use this pin as a guide to slay any dragons that might stand in your way.

The kit also comes with a canvas tote bag — A cute tote bag to carry all your #Tish2019 Essentials in, this bag is for anyone who’s on the go. Perfect for shopping, beaches, and everyday use. Its sturdy material allows you to carry heavier much-needed items like laptops, art supplies, and books too. What’s better than a cute bag? A cute bag that works!

All of the items in our kit can be purchased here. Tish sells everything together at a promotional price of RM220. You may able to purchase items individually, however, a little tip from us to you: you’ll save more purchasing on an entire kit than on individual items. All of our items will also be available at RIUH’s Xmas market this coming weekend (8th and 9th December). It will be held at The Gasket Alley, PJ. See you there!

Want to win yourself a #TISH2019 Essentials kit? Make sure to follow us on Instagram if you haven’t for future updates on a giveaway that will be happening soon! Keep your eyes peeled. You definitely don’t wanna miss out on this one.


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