Picture this — It’s a beautifully sunny day. Rays of sunlight come pouring into the glasshouse as we set up fresh flowers for the makeshift runway we’ve created for models to walk through as they present KAMI’s latest Raya collection.  And in the corner, we have the ever so lovely Daiyan Trisha crooning us with her rendition of “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra. It’s a good day. It’s the 3rd of May, and it’s only the rehearsals!

Earlier this month, Tish had the lovely pleasure of working with KAMI — A modest-wear fashion brand from Indonesia. Entitled ‘EIDscapades’, the runway showcased 4 beautiful lines from their recent Raya collection.  A collection that is heavily inspired by nature and the natural elements that surround us. The runway was nothing short of beautiful pieces that perfectly resembled the vastness of an ocean, the fluidity of the rain, and the natural sway of a Hibiscus. All while still being comfortable enough to wear on a lazy Sunday morning.

Since KAMI’s fashion identity is known for its elegance found in simplicity, we did our best to duplicate that through our event designing. On Tish’s end, we were in charge of recreating the mood of the clothes presented by KAMI onto the runway. Since the event took place in the beautiful glasshouse of Le Meridien, we wanted to use as minimal props as possible, so as to bring forward the important notes of the event. Notes found from the nature surrounding the glasshouse, and the textures and patterns of the fabric pieces. We did so by playing around with the idea of creating the illusion of having bushes of wildflowers surfacing from the glasshouse floor. With this, we created a makeshift path for the models to walk through during the fashion show. The fresh flowers coupled with the minimalistic interior design of the glasshouse created the perfect ambience for a brand like KAMI.

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