After a Ramadan full of self-reflecting, it has been decided that this Raya, it’s all about giving back. In both the literal, and the metaphorical sense. That is why this year’s running theme for #TishEid, is influenced by the fond childhood memories that we all know and love whenever Raya rolls around the corner. So often these days where people express their lack of enthusiasm for Raya, as it is “never the same as before”. Well, why don’t we change that?

Tish has prepared a custom made gift box just for you. The entirety of the gift box and its contents was made with love and designed by one of our very own. If you choose to purchase our gift box (which of course, you should!), upon arrival you will notice that your gift box has been wrapped with an eco-friendly, reusable fabric. We were inspired by the innovative Japanese fabric wrap method, popularly known as, Furoshiki. We wanted our overall product to be as sustainably as possible, for the everyday conscience consumer.

Once you open the gift box, inside you will find an array of Raya cookies that will surely make your heart fill with delight. This gift box is stocked with all the classic essentials you need for a nostalgic Raya. Sweet treats, sparklers, money packets, and a coconut & lime scented candle to top it all off. Overall, the gift box consists of three designs. These designs were inspired by the movements and textures we see & experience during Raya. The youthful design is made to compliment the childlike glee that we all experience during raya, as well as serve a higher purpose for our Tish Gives Back campaign this year.


We at Tish want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to celebrate Raya like how it’s meant to be — carefree, full of love, and meriah! Therefore we are planning to give *10% of the proceedings from our Tish Raya gift box to Suka Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring a brighter future for kids who have been through crisis situations such as human trafficking, and children in detention. Help us in achieving our goal to give back, by buying a Gift box from us.


*10% is just our suggestion. You are of course recommended and welcomed to donate more to the cause.

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