Podcasts are arguably known as the ‘new media’ of the digital age. We have come a long way since the invention of the radio. Back then it was deemed a miracle to have fit a ‘man in a voice box’. Ironically enough, it almost seems like we’re going back in time. What first started out as radio, has then evolved into TV, and to video, and now we’re back to square one. What with new podcasts surfacing every week, and the polarization of audio books being on the rise, thanks to groundbreaking websites like Audible, it’s tough not to want to be a part of the next new wave. Perhaps it’s good that we’ve taken a few steps back in the world of entertainment because let’s be honest — The video platform has become overly saturated. So much so that the line between reality and entertainment has been blurred out even more.

Personally, it has taken me awhile to get on the podcast bandwagon. However, from observing numerous entrepreneurs and admirable personalities online, it has come to my attention how much a podcast can be used as an advantage to the Tish Girl on the go. A lot of entrepreneurs these days are spicing up their daily schedule by opting for podcasts instead of music as a medium to listen to throughout the day whilst completing their daily tasks. For the very reason that with podcasts, you can learn something new every day.

Online courses and Youtube tutorials are great and all, but they’re also more time consuming, and demand more physical interaction. With podcasts, you could be going for your daily run and still be learning about the latest current affairs of the world. But podcasts aren’t just for news, it’s also a great medium to learn about art, technology, and social cues of the world. You could be learning about the Byzantine era during your morning commute, and switch to how movies are made during lunch time. There are a plethora of podcasts that you can indulge in, and not feel guilty afterwards. Added perks: Podcasts could be a great way for you to do things alone, without the added isolation. Trust me when I say, my morning commutes have been godsend ever since I’ve started listening to podcasts. Specifically, ‘Couples Therapy’.

A podcast to end all other podcasts; ‘Couples Therapy’, by Candice Pool and Casey Neistat is a podcast that encompasses their married life. From lighthearted episodes addressing their love for their 5-year-old daughter Francine, who has recently learnt to drop the F-bomb now and again, to heavier episodes that address how they make their married life work by sleeping in separate beds, this podcast packs a mean punch. What started out as a fun little experiment turned out to be a raw, riveting and refreshing take on actual couples therapy. If you guys are unfamiliar with their work, Casey Neistat is a filmmaker, Youtuber, entrepreneur, and an all around adrenaline junkie. His wife, Candice Pool, is a successful jewellery designer, businesswoman, and overall badass mom. The world knows Casey as a loveable Youtuber/Filmmaker whose daily vlogs have adopted a category in its own right. However, the complexity and vulnerability of his relationship with his longtime soul mate and wife, Candice, is what really makes this duo a force to be reckoned with. Here’s a little snippet of the couple whose lives you might get yourselves into:

The podcast not only addresses important issues such as relationships, family building, and love, but it also addresses everything else that happens in between. They speak on taboo topics such as how to cope with losing a little bit of your independence once you get married, postpartum depression and finding time to sit down and still be human at the end of a busy week. All while still having enough funny anecdotes to fill your stomach with fits and giggles. Personally, I enjoy it because it addresses the human side of the ‘ideal’ lives that we’re all trying to chase after. In the midst of all this hustling, it’s easy to forget the real world, and all the important things that really make up a life. Overall, this podcast teaches you a lot of things that you never knew about yourself. When I first started listening to it, it was out of a whim. I never knew just how much it would have impacted me later on. It is indeed, the gift that keeps on giving.


You can listen to their podcast on Spotify, or on Anchor. 


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